Restoration and Painting Package


Over the years sash windows that have been exposed to the elements and not been regularly maintained will deteriorate.  Chipped or flaked paintwork and missing putty allow water to access the wood.  This can lead to decay, causing the material to collapse.  Particularly vulnerable are the window sills, bottom rails lower sections of outer linings and pulley stiles.

Too often we have seen properties that have replaced the original sash windows for modern replacements.  However at HRG Services we will always try and save your original windows rather than replacing them, keeping the historical character of your property.

HRG Services offers a restoration and painting package that will carefully restore your windows and then redecorate them to the highest standard.

Our skilled team have years of experience restoring original timber windows on period properties throughout Dorset and the South West,  we pay special attention at the preparation stage to ensure that the best results are reached.

We use specialist paints to achieve the maximum durability and longevity of your windows.  We take great pride in this element of our work and advise our customers that this area of works can take a little longer to achieve the required standard that both, we and the client can be proud of.


The Restoration element of our package includes:

  • Extensively prepare sashes and frames using hand and electric sanders and preparation tools
  • Cut back all paint sightlines and neatly caulk in
  • Removal of all rotten timber back to sound wood
  • Application of our specialist wood hardeners
  • Application of our specialist resins for a permanent repairs
  • Scarf in new timbers if needed with resin to joint edges
  • Replacement of cills and replacement of new hardwood cills where needed
  • Remove defective putty and replace with Linseed oil putty
  • Remove and replace broken glass
  • Fill major imperfections with a two pack filler and rub down
  • Tidy working area
  • Final sand down and dust off ahead of our painting

Once the restoration works  have been completed, your windows will be ready for painting.

The painting element includes:

  • Priming of bare (where required)
  • Full undercoating
  • Fill imperfections with a two pack filler
  • Rub down and spot in
  • Denib surfaces for final top coats
  • Apply caulk where needed and allow to set
  • Dust off
  • Apply final top coat
  • All painting and sightlines will be crisp and finished to a high standard

We for use different specialist paint systems depending on many factors including the age and location of your property etc.

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If you have a project or you would like more information then please contact us and we can book in a ‘no obligation’ site survey to discuss your needs.

“I checked off the operation of the windows and doors this morning – great job and many thanks for your assistance in getting this work done before the main project.”

“Prior to commencement the sash windows of this Grade II listed farmhouse would have appeared beyond repair to most people. HRG Services carefully refurbished/restored and decorated the original windows leaving them in good working order. Very satisfied with the works undertaken”